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Bowel Conditions
Over the last few years several authors of the alternative medical field have published books and articles describing intestinal conditions characterized by irritation, inflammation and germs overgrowth. They call this condition DYSBIOSIS. This Dysbiosis seems to be a rather complex yet silent condition and can be caused by carbohydrate abuse, parasites, food sensitivities, sugary foods, stress and wrong dietary habits. Overgrowth of bacteria and yeast (and Candida) typically occurs. Some authors point out that toxins and chemicals in the foods as well as certain carbohydrates can be additional causes (because they neutralize digestive enzymes). 

Excess of carbs, ‘junk’ food, sugary drinks and alcohol can cause it as well. Foods and drinks with yeast may make it worse. This chronic bowel illness is mostly silent, toxic, and very disturbing for the intestine. As these authors point out, it allows toxins and food particles to leak from the intestine and into the blood stream (condition called Leaky Gut), which causes immunological reactions, flood of toxins into the tissues, toxin-cell adversities, hormone decline and METABOLIC IMBALANCE. It’s like the intestines become open doors for toxins. 

The authors state that this may lead to further bowel and body illnesses, like: nutritional disorders, hormonal imbalance, brain chemical imbalance, adrenal fatigue, colitis, thyroid problems, food sensitivities, obesity, IBS, constipation, diarrheas, metabolic disorders, gas, belching, cramps, fatty liver, depression, psychological disorders, stress reaction, toxicity, fatigue, chronic fatigue, body aches, back pain, PMS, low vitamin B-12, low iron, bloating, indigestion, anal itch,  headaches, migraines, weight gain, tiredness, asthma, allergies, hair loss, high sugar, attention deficit.

What can we do for you:
  We evaluate and explain these abnormalities and even provide you with printed information that may help you understand them.  We can show you how to handle these conditions and  also teach you how to manage the  BOWEL DETOXIFICATION and metabolic cleansing . The BOWEL HEALING and MEDICAL DETOXIFICATION (“liver detoxification”) programs follow the recommendations of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Keep in mind that proper detoxification needs to be done and supervised by a medical professional using knowledge, high quality products and lab tests. Detoxification should not be a ‘do-it-your-self’ program.  
If you suspect you may be having this kind of silent bowel illness (SBI) or Dysbiosis or Leaky Gut, talk to your Medical Doctor first or see a Gastroenterologist (G.I. Doctor). (Disclaimer) You may need a metabolic nutrition evaluation and a special functional stool test in addition to a comprehensive blood and urine evaluation. You can also come to my office, where I will explain all this with more detail and advise you about how to evaluate and manage these conditions. Bring all your questions with you (and some medical records if possible).
If the information contained in this website deviates from what is known as Conventional Medicine and enters in the field of Alternative Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine, it is only with the intention of providing you with a choice, but not a substitution, to conventional medical care. You should continue seeing your Medical Doctor and/or your medical specialists: follow their instructions. There are no substitutions for Traditional and Conventional Medicine, nor for the guidelines of care of the American Medical Association and the American College of Physicians.
The information provided here is for reference use only, and for providing you with an option, and does not constitute the rendering of medical recommendation nor a formal professional advice. This website makes no representation nor makes any warranties of any kind in connection with the information provided herein, and hereby disclaims any expressed or implied warranties, promises, assurances of success, resolution of symptoms, cure of disease nor prevention of illnesses.
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