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Toxins And Detoxification
Every minute of the day, thousands of different toxins and chemicals are released into the air , water and land by factories and industrial facilities around the world. Millions of gallons of chemical waste, untreated sewage and toxic byproducts are discharged into rivers, lakes, seas and even the oceans. The result is a contamination of all water and food sources. Toxic chemicals thrown in the air mix with clouds and are able to pollute the rain and hence contaminate every corner of the earth. Animals in the most remote areas were found contaminated, and toxic chemicals were found in alarming quantity in the breast milk of Eskimos, in the fat of polar bear and in the umbilical cord of newborn babies throughout the united States.
To this, we have to ad the numerous household chemicals used for cleaning, bathroom, gardening, painting, deodorizing, etc.

Chemicals and toxins are now everywhere, and have been a persistent and common environmental contaminants over the last several decades. Food, vegetable, fruits and water are also contaminated with pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers while most fish is contaminated with heavy metals and toxins.
Both chemicals and toxins come from multiple sources and invade our body regularly. They include chemicals, pesticides, plastic particles, petrochemicals, colorants, herbicides, fertilizers, food additives, metal particles (known as heavy metal particles), chemical discharges from industrial plants, multiple air pollutants, chemicals in beef-turkey-chicken, water contaminants, colorants in drinks and snacks, etc.
This toxic environment that is surrounding us is the trigger of many health disorders. It is a common knowledge that over 75% of most chronic health conditions are triggered by toxins. Fortunately, we now have a metabolic treatment that can tell common individuals to what degree their body and organs are loaded and affected by toxins.
TOXINS AND HEALTH:  Toxins and chemicals, from food, drinks and environment, slowly accumulate and end up causing hormonal-disruption, metabolic-disruption, multiple health disorders and hurting the physical and mental well being of millions of people. Their adverse effects also cause glucose elevation, nutrients deficiencies, imbalance in the hormonal triangle and immune disorders, which may cause weight gain, obesity, Diabetes, poor immunity (which may lead to infections, respiratory diseases, intestinal illnesses and a variety of cancers), nutrients deficiency (which may cause the brain chemicals (known as neurotransmitters) to malfunction, causing depression, cravings, personality disorders, anxiety, fatigue and health decline. Hormonal and metabolic disruption brings pains, muscular weakness, disability, sterility, psychological disorders, stiff-tender joints, headaches, allergies, food sensitivities and high cholesterol. They can cause digestive disorders like Silent Bowel Illness (SBI) and dysbiosis. The combination of all these factors causes accelerated atherosclerosis, increases the aging process, and ultimately increases the risk for coronary disease, heart attacks, strokes and early death.

The "METABOLIC TEST" can evaluate how cells are affected by toxins. Because the presence of low thyroid function and low hormonal level makes the organs and tissues weaker, it is recommended as well to undergo complete thyroid, hormonal and even adrenal evaluation when assessing individuals with these conditions.

SOURCES OF TOXINS AND CHEMICALS: Foods, drinks, water, environment, our bowel, lifestyle, emotions, stress.
The progression of chemical overload (accumulation) continues until a critical point is reached, AND THEN COMES THE ATTACK, many times suddenly:
MORE DISEASES AND CONDITIONS CAUSED BY TOXINS: Acne, ALS, Hives, Alzheimer’s, Allergies, Asthma, Autism, Anxiety, Osteoporosis, Brain fog, Bronchitis, Migraines, Parkinson’s Headaches, Tumor, Chronic fatigue, Cancer, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Irritability, Auto-immune diseases, Mood disorders, Indigestion, Flatulence, Arthritis, MS, Neurological disorders, Poor memory, Mental fatigue, Chemical sensitivities, Gastritis, Heartburn, Liver disease, High Cholesterol, Kidney stones, Constipation, Dementia, Depression,Diarrheas, Eczema, Frequent colds, and Fibromyalgia.

Have no doubt: the high concentration and diversity of toxins in our environment is severe. And the adverse effects on human biology are severe as well. Our environment is heavily contaminated with an incredible amount and variety of chemical and toxic pollutants that we don’t even see, taste or smell. Unawareness is rampant, and the consequences disastrous, and that's why the METABOLIC TEST is so important.

Toxins and chemicals are a cause of multiple medical conditions. However, the resulting diseases are dependent on the person’s genetic make up, his nutrition, whether he’s got Silent Bowel Illness or Dysbiosis, his general health, his adrenal-cortisol balance, stressors, his biochemical individuality, the balance of his hormonal triangle, his capacity to detoxify, his individual susceptibility and the total toxic load. Yes, that’s why toxins affect different people in so different ways: the gentical-biochemical individuality explains it. Therefore, nothing affects everyone every time and some people get sick and other don’t, which has to do with this genetic-biochemical background and the detoxification capacity of each person.

Every normal individual is born with a natural detoxification system that gets rid of toxins using the liver as a major detoxification organ. But this natural detox system is different in different persons. Individuals with high toxic load, who are POOR DETOXIFIERS (that is they don’t detoxify well these toxins through their liver) , AND who carry a significant adverse genetic background, will most likely develop symptoms and diseases. We can call it the “gene+toxins+detox” effect. The same way, individuals with only mild toxic load in their body, who happen to be ‘good detoxifiers’ enjoy good general health.

But there is hope, and your fate is not sealed. If you change your lifestyle, you move out of the danger zone, you change the way you eat, sleep and drink, you get the ‘metabolic test’, you adjust your nutrition, you balance your hormone triangle, you correct your nutritional deficits, you detoxify, you work on eliminating free radicals and chronic inflammation, etc., then your risk may change.
HOW TOXINS HURT YOU: In a nutshell, toxins hurt the neurotransmitters (brain chemicals), the mitochondria, the digestive enzymes (may cause lack of enzymes, SBI, Dysbiosis), the thyroid, the hormones, the brain and the liver. All the important functions of cells and organs are affected. They just cause a metabolic mess. They can age people faster, they can give chronic diseases, they can cause obesity and diabetes, and they can kill with cancer, stroke and heart attacks.

a) Toxins hurt neurotransmitters (Brain chemicals). They can do it directly or indirectly through their effects on hormones and nutrients. They can cause: anxiety, stress, attention deficit, hypertension, insomnia, poor digestion, autism, psychosis, agitation and even become obsessive, fatigue, restless legs, lack of motivation, poor mood, pains, difficulty losing weight, cravings, depression, poor memory, sedation, anxiety, stress, psychologic imbalances, insomnia, anxiety, depression, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), headaches, uncontrolled appetite. Prolonged effects can cause confusion and dementia.

b) Toxins hurt digestion. Toxins and heavy metals destroy the digestive enzymes we use daily in our digestion of food. They can cause Silent Bowel Illness and Dysbiosis. The result is the improper digestion of food, which impairs absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and energy deficiency. This can produce nutrient deficit and leakage of toxins into the blood stream (‘Leaky Gut’) with accumulation of toxins elsewhere in the body.

c) Toxins hurt thyroid. Toxins disturb thyroid function. Either by decreasing gut absorption of iodine, or by triggering the cascade toxins-immune-reaction-thyroid-antibodies that end up attacking the gland, the resulting effect is low functioning thyroid.

d) Toxins affect hormones. Whether directly or indirectly, toxins have an adverse effect on the production and actions of what we now as sex-hormones: estrogens, testosterone, progesterone and DHEA. The effects of low hormones are terrible, and I describe them in a separate section. Men can get low testosterone ( with all its consequences), women can get low estrogen (which causes numerous disorders) and low progesterone, and both can get low DHEA. TOXINS ARE HORMONE DISRUPTORS, which causes numerous medical conditions.

e) Toxins hurt adrenal gland. They have an adverse effect on the production and function of adrenal-cortisol. The imbalance causes metabolic alterations. TOXINS ARE ADRENAL DISRUPTORS.

f) Toxins hurt the "hormonal triangle of health and disease". As I explained previously, this multi-hormone decline, with low sex hormones, abnormal cortisol and low thyroid function, throws this triangle in permanent imbalance, which leads to terrible health consequences. The effect pushes healthy individuals into sickness, metabolic stress, aching , psychological disturbance , and multiple other medical conditions. As this triangle is the core of the metabolic energy of the human body the person becomes metabolically sick, with depressed immune system, ill vascular system, and numerous medical complications: frequent infections, cancer, allergies, asthma, hypertension, atherosclerosis, clogged arteries, coronary disease, affect the heart at early age, affect the breasts, cause tumors or pain, can affect fertility, give PMS, can cause obesity, diabetes and disability, it can cause low thyroid function. You never know where is it going to hit nor when, this is as unpredictable as Nature is. It can give you migraines, back pain, stroke, dementia, brain fogging, lack of memory, making you lose your job and your spouse.

e)Toxins hurt the natural detoxification system. All humans have a natural detoxifications system that takes the waste products of digestion and cellular metabolism into the liver, which is the main organ of detoxification. If the detoxification system is not working then you will accumulate toxins even faster.

f) Toxins cause obesity. When we analyze all the factors that cause obesity, we get an idea how toxins cause metabolic interference that inhibits weight loss. I explain this better in my ‘ Toxins’ manuscript. By causing thyroid imbalance, low hormones, SBI, liver clogging, detoxification impairment, nutritional deficit, increased hunger, cravings, NT imbalance, mitochondria damage, etc., toxins cause weight gain, obesity, weight-loss resistance and weight-regain. SUFICE TO SAY THAT YOU MAY EXERCISE AND DIET AS MUCH AS YOU WANT, BUT YOU WILL NOT WIN UNLESS YOU ADDRESS YOUR TOXINS PROBLEM.

g) Toxins hurt mitochondria. MITOCHONDRIAL DYSFUNCTION IS THE ROOT OF OBESITY AND MOST CHRONIC DISEASES, it is actually the very root of them.

WAIT…IT GETS WORSE: Toxins stay inside of the body, and they may not leave. THEY  ACCUMULATE OVER TIME, AND HAVING NOWEHERE TO GO THEY WILL BE DUMPED INTO THE TISSUES. Those toxins will then accumulate in muscles, brain, fat, joints, and will continue to accumulate until one day this accumulation reaches a critical mass and disease starts. . . . many times dramatically ( a tumor or a heart trouble in a healthy person).

Then what can we do?  The answer is not easy, is complex, but we will teach you personally. 

We need to: a) avoid further exposure to toxins, b) read and inform ourselves, c) read and learn about which foods and drinks to avoid, d) consult via internet the main federal centers, (FDA, NIH, EPA, etc.---I strongly encourage you to do so), e) get the “METABOLIC TEST” ( test # 218), which evaluates whether your metabolism is affected by toxins or chemicals, analyses detoxification capacity, cellular metabolism, effects of free radicals, function of B-Vitamins, mitochondria function, nutritional deficiencies and for deficit in vitamins and minerals. This should be your first test after our questionnaire. The second test, known as the ‘INTEGRATED PROFILE’ provides information about diet and health, evaluates nutrient shortage, and provides information about amino acids deficits, vitamin function, neurotransmitters, adverse toxin effect, and it is an important test to evaluate for Dysbiosis, Leaky Gut and metabolic stress, f) correct the metabolic abnormalities that need to be corrected, like using thyroid medication if needed, using natural hormone replacement if needed, fixing your adrenal, correcting dysbiosis and leaky gut if you have them, balancing the hormone triangle, balancing the neurotransmitters, improving immune system, taking vitamins, antioxidants and omega-3 if they are needed, getting tested for food sensitivities, improving liver function, g) getting tested for metabolic imbalances, gut disorders, hormone imbalance, mitochondria dysfunction, vitamin deficiencies, possibly heavy metals, h) and overall DETOXIFY, that is engage in a well designed professionally recommended detoxification program that will remove toxins out of your body.

Yes, part of the solution is yourself. You can not just depend on this article or a book you read to work on your own personal detoxification.

However…should you do all this? Why should you complicate your life, when you could just ignore all this and continue living your life the way you were doing?

Well, let me answer to that: Do you have another spare body? Let’s start with this question: do you have another body? You don't, therefore take good care of the one you have. 

DO YOU NEED DETOXIFICATION ? See our questionnaire.
DETOXIFICATION---By definition, detoxification is the removal of toxic substances from the body. It is based on the principle that illness can be caused by the accumulation of toxic substances (toxins) in the body. Eliminating existing toxins and avoiding new toxins are essential parts of the healing process. We test for toxins and teach detoxification in our office.
Allow me to give you this questionnaire. It will help you to find out about whether you need or you don’t need to be detoxified.
Point scale:
0= never or almost never have this symptom or problem
1= occasionally have it, effect is not severe
2= occasionally have it, effect is severe
3= frequently have it, effect not severe
4= frequently have it, effect is severe
5= I have this condition/disease
____headaches, migraines
____insomnia, poor sleep
___ringing in ears
___ear infections, ear aches
___watery / itchy eyes
___reddened eyelids
___stuffy nose, sneezing
___sinus congestion, hay fever
___excess mucous
___frequent sinusitis
___chronic cough
___canker sores
___throat / tongue problems
___restless legs
___panics, severe anxiety
___indigestion, IBS
___bloating, gas
___heart pounding
___frequent palpitations
___persistant cough 
___constantly clearing phlegm
___hives, rashes, boils
___eczema, psoriasis
___itchy skin
___hair loss, hair thinning
___body odor
___excess sweating
___pain in joints
___pain in muscles
___persistent neck or back pain
___Stiff joints or muscles
___low energy, general
___chronic fatigue
___obesity, overweight
___difficulty losing weight
___frequent colds
___low sex drive
___food allergies or
___difficulty concentrating
___mood swings,
___fear or anger
___poor memory
___OCD, obsessions

FINAL SCORE______ 15 or lower = you may have low level of toxicity
16 to 49 = you may have moderate level of toxicity
50 or higher = you may have high level of toxicity
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