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All patients of our Center receive an initial medical evaluation by Dr. Nuchovich personally. He reviews records and "X-rays", provides a diagnosis, and then discusses management and treatment options with you. Dr. Nuchovich then evaluates and explains whether you need conventional medical treatment, alternative medical therapy, or a integration of both (integrated medicine).
Meet Dr. Nuchovich
Meet Dr. Nuchovich
Daniel Nuchovich, MD, founder and Medical Director of Jupiter Institute of the Healing Arts, is a graduate of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield, IL and has practiced Internal Medicine in Florida since 1989. He is a respected staff member at both Jupiter Hospital and Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. 

  • Certified by the State of Florida Board of Medicine
  • Federal Licensing Examination
  • Preventive Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Public Health training at the Palm Beach County Health Department.  
  • Internal Medicine Resident - Edgewater Hospital, Chicago, IL 
  • Internal Medicine Resident - South Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, IL
  • Advance Cardiac Life Support
  • Advance Trauma Life Support
What We Treat
What We Treat
We treat a wide range of disease and illiness including:

Arthritis & Other
Pain Conditions
Hormone Imbalance
Adrenal Disorders
Thyroid Disease
Heart Disease
Kidney Disease
Muscular and Neurological Disorders
And much more...

Rather than correct painful conditions with temporaty-relief drugs, Dr. Nuchovich will help you discover the real root of what is causing the pain. Different levels of pain have different causes and require different approaches. Whether through radiologic, metabolic, endocrinologic, or neurological search and testing, Dr. Nuchovich will help you find and treat the cause of your pain. Treatment of pain may require medical treatments, alternative therapies or a combination of both conventional and complementary therapies (integrative medicine), and this will be explained to you by Dr. Nuchovich.

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