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Gluten is the protein of wheat products, oat-meal, barley and rye. All foods made with flour, oat meal and barley have gluten. This goes for bread, cookies, crackers, pasta, cakes, pizza, breakfast cereal, muffins, all bakery products, frozen dinners, prepared foods, etc.
Gluten tears holes in the intestine of sensitive individuals, causing undigested food particles to leak through the wall of the intestine and into the blood stream (this is called LEAKY GUT). This leakage of food particles and bacteria trigger an immune reaction. When this reaction is severe, the condition is called Celiac Disease. However, it is estimated that about 10% of the population ( which means millions of people) has a mild form of sensitivity without any Celiac Disease manifestation: these people have a hidden gluten sensitivity and they don't know it (called "Latent Sprue"). So?

Silent gluten sensitivity is associated with autoimmune disorders like:

Diabetes, Miletus, Neuropathy, Fatigue, Eczema, Decreased night vision,
Headaches, Autoimmune thyroid disease, Liver Diseases, Children Hyperactivity, Connective Tissue Diseases

Gluten causes obesity and weight loss resistance
  •   Cereals (which contain gluten) have been associated with allergies, mental disorders, thyroid disease, obesity, diverticulosis and even cancer.
  •  Gluten sensitivity causes gluten addiction. Gluten addiction is very problematic and takes the form of an irresistible craving to gluten products, like bread (specially fresh bread, cereal, bakery products, croissants, cakes, pasta, bagels, mmmmmm ! !) . Then this craving-addiction expands to other carbohydrates like desserts, chocolate, candy-bars, ice-cream, donuts, cookies, sweets, etc.
  •  Addiction to gluten is a cause of weight gain - Approximately 75% of overweight and obese people in the US may be addicted to gluten.
  • Gluten addiction is strongly associated with weight gain, inflammation, obesity, diabetes, fatigue and many other medical conditions.
  •  ADDICTION comes from a ?morphine-like' effect (called EXORPHINE effect) which causes addicting pleasure , and commands the person to eat more and more gluten products. The addictive effect also comes from triggering insulin secretion with a consequent rebound-hunger. Most gluten-addicts are unaware of their own tragedy.
  • This addiction is strong, giving up gluten is difficult.
  • Marketing and poor medical advice contribute to the problem.
  • Sensitivity to gluten can be checked with the "ELISA Anti-Gliadin test".
Another Cocktail:

If you have gluten-sensitivity and yeast-sensitivity and also lactose-sensitivity simple foods like cereal with milk, cheese sandwich and pasta alfredo with a glass of wine can be very unhealthy. Consumption of foods that combine metabolic aggressors (fried food, pork, fast food) with foods you are sensitive to is like a cocktail of metabolic toxins. It will make you sick. Even worse: you may not even know they are making you sick even when you actually get the sickness. That's how obese people with diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and depression may not know that the food they eat is the root of their illnesses.

is worse than being attacked by just one)

---- In case you ask..whole grain food and whole wheat food have a lot of gluten.

My advice about gluten?

1) Eliminate all gluten from your diet. (((There are actually many chapters in many books that describe all kind of diseases that mankind started to "enjoy" as a result of gluten-grains)))
2) Get tested for gluten sensitivity with the "ELISA Anti-Gliadin"

Daniel Nuchovich
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