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Metabolic Cleansing - The Medical-Trim Program
The Medical-Trim is a weight loss program designed to combine a weight loss plan with metabolic improvement. It is a unique way to lose fat and improve health simultaneously. It is the most modern approach to weight loss.

Our program was created with the knowledge that excess weight is not just an excess of fat but rather the reflection of an abnormal metabolism. Studies show that excess of body fat is the result of a metabolic disorder, therefore we focus on finding and treating this disorder in order to achieve better and more permanent result. We actually look for the bad roots of your weight excess.

No amount of exercise and dieting can achieve successful weight loss if the metabolism is not balanced, thyroid is not controlled and hormones are in disarray.
Most diet-books, diets plans and weight loss programs that don’t provide a positive improvement in metabolic-hormonal status of the person often cause muscle mass loss, chemical imbalance, failure, resistance and a heartbreaking weight regain.  
We know it. (“I know it through my personal experience” Daniel Nuchovich).

That’s why our program is not rigid but rather flexible, adapting to individual metabolic uniqueness, and combining diet, information, classes, manual, guidelines, meal replacements, appetite suppressants (if needed) and medical supervision WITH a metabolic-hormonal assessment and improvement,  thyroid balance,  hormone control (if needed). Some of the aspects (but not all) of our metabolic improvement program are described through the pages of this website. Our personal interview will be much more revealing.
As you start the program, we initiate a variety of tests to analyze the different pieces of your unique  metabolic puzzle.
The Medical-Trim Program is unique.   
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Obesity and low testosterone kill a lot of men in this country.
Low progesterone causes lots of cancers in young women.  Low hormones combined with poor nutrition causes attention deficit, decreased awareness, and therefore causes many car and job accidents and fatalities.

Low testosterone and low estrogen increase risk of heart attack in both men and women, and stroke too.  Obesity causes job-loss and also disability. Also Diabetes can shortened life.

Low adrenal-cortisol function lowers immunity and allow infections to develop, causing hospitalizations, early death, and all kind of health complications and even death.
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