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As you'll learn in our office, true anit-aging is much more than just using hormones: It is about improving your metabolism.

How the metabolism is affected:

If your thyroid and your hormones are low (hormonal imbalance), you may develop metabolic imbalance, and you may not get better unless you replace these hormones, according to the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. We follow the guidelines of this Anti-Aging Academy for building natural hormone replacement for our patients. 

Natural Hormones
I am Dr. Nuchovich, and as a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine I want to make you aware of the effects of some of the hormones in our body.
We have many hormones produced by our many glands, and they all control and command our metabolism. Some of these hormones can be called “major hormones” for their strong, broad and constant effects in our inner system. These are the Estrogen (Estradiol), Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, Cortisol, Pregnenolone and the Thyroid hormones.

Their actions carry a tremendous effect in our quality and length of life.

Balancing them according to the guidelines of the Anti-Aging Academy provides life-extension, disease-prevention, better health, and an over all: a more enjoyable life.

Here I focus on some of these major hormones because. . . .

TESTOSTERONE:  Normally present in both men and women, low testosterone can cause: 
Musculoskeletal: decreased muscle mass, weaker muscles, deceased athletic performance, sore body, muscle pains, low flexibility, back pain, stiffness.

Metabolism: high sugar (Glucose), high Insulin, weight gain, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, inflammation, promotes Diabetes, Obesity.

Mental Function: depression, mental fatigue, negative mood, irritability, inability to concentrate, anxiety, fatigue, emotionality, forgetfulness, tiredness, decreased mental sharpness, sleepiness in afternoon. Poor sleep.
-General: increased risk of earlier death, asthma, dizziness, sweating .
-Heart: increased likelihood of coronary disease and heart attacks, worsens heart function, increased risks for earlier heart disease.
-Vascular System: rise in blood pressure, worsens blood pressure control, increased risks of strokes.
-Skin: hair thinning, hair loss, dry skin.
-Sexuality: decreased libido (sexual desire), decreased erections, decreased clitoral sensitivity, decreased genital sensitivity, decreased climax intensity, makes it difficult to reach climax (orgasm), decreases sexual interest, decreases love (both sexual and non-sexual).
These symptoms occur in men and women. Not everybody gets the same symptoms as people are very different from one another.
Low hormonal levels cause multiple cognitive symptoms. Any combination of the following symptoms might be present.
Decreased: memory, sleep, reasoning, creativity, orientation, emotions, numeric ability, attention, common sense, response time, learning.

Alzheimer's Disease---This disease is caused by the accumulation of plaques in the brain. Studies show that estrogen replacement protects the brain against these plaques. Progesterone, in addition, is important for brain healing, and together with Estrogen has a beneficial impact in the prevention of the process that causes Alzheimer's.
-important for both men and women
-it strengthen muscles, improves immunity and fights anxiety
-it decreases depression, fights obesity, and improves mood and libido
-it improves body energy and memory, decreases both fatigue and stress
-it improves skin, hair, cellulite, brain function and sugar control
-lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and risk for heart disease
-has anti-cancer and anti-lupus effects, and improves erections
-it protects against auto-immune disease and Alzheimer's Disease
- has brain-healing effects and brain anti-aging effects
Our Hormone treatment will provide the answers you were looking for.

ESTROGEN (Estradiol)
Estrogen deficiency causes:
Hot flashes, night sweats, body temperature fluctuations, pain, decreased libido (sexual desire), vaginal dryness, decreased genital sensitivity, mental fogginess, forgetfulness, mood swings, fatigue, dry skin, headaches, lack of energy, lack of sleep, back pain, weight gain, obesity, increased sensitivity to pain, feeling discouraged, increased risk for heart disease, joint pain, sagging breasts with loss of fullness, painful intercourse.
Not every woman gets the same symptoms, as they are all different.
Normally present in women and men. It's the first to start declining at around the age of 30. It declines even more after age 45.

Low Progesterone causes:
Insomnia, anxiety, depression, migraines, inability to relax, water retention, PMS, irregular menstrual bleed, swollen breasts, painful breasts, hunger, cravings, weight gain, obesity, ovarian cysts, decreased libido, asthma, allergies, irritability, acne, joints pain, water retention, bloating.
Progesterone is a brain healer, and provides brain recovery after brain injuries and strokes. It protects breasts and uterus against cancer. It's a natural diuretic, and produces calming and anti-anxiety effects. Decreases cravings, PMS and osteoporosis. It improves immunity.

You don't just check and treat hormone imbalance because of the symptom you already have. YOU DO IT ALSO TO PREVENT MORE health problems and disorders. 
OUR ANTI-AGING MEDICINE PROGRAM uses natural (bio-identical) hormone replacement and follows the guidelines of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine:
-it provides you with a way to look and feel younger (no injections,
no procedures,).
-it provides you with a program that helps you control your weight
and heal chronic diseases
-it uses hormones extracted from plants, and NOT the synthetic ones. These natural hormones (called bio-identicals) are prepared in a Compounding Pharmacy using your own lab test as a reference, hence calculating the dosage according to your own unique needs (treatment is adapted to you).
We work with four different compounding pharmacies in order to provide my patients with the very best products.

-the program boosts your health, improves your immune system, relieves your allergies and your stress

-and it improves your sex life, your fatigue and your sleep
As different individuals combine different degrees of hormone deficiencies, symptoms vary from person to person.
If the information contained in this website deviates from what is known as Conventional Medicine and enters in the field of Alternative Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine, it is only with the intention of providing you with a choice, but not a substitution, to conventional medical care. You should continue seeing your Medical Doctor and/or your medical specialists: follow their instructions.

There are no substitutions for Traditional and Conventional Medicine, nor for the guidelines of care of the American Medical Association and the
AmericanCollege of Physicians. The information provided here is for reference use only, and for providing you with an option, and does not constitute the rendering of medical recommendation nor a formal professional advice. This website makes no representation nor makes any warranties of any kind in connection with the information provided herein, and hereby disclaims any expressed or implied warranties, promises, assurances of success, resolution of symptoms, cure of disease nor prevention of illnesses.

It is normally present in both women and men. It starts to decline after the age of 30, and declines even more after age 45. Progesterone deficiency can cause insomnia, anxiety, PMS, weight gain, decreased libido, bloated bladder...

It is normally present in both men and women. Low Testosterone can cause some of the following conditions : Decreased muscle mass, weaker muscles, deceased athletic performance...

Low Estrogen causes Hot Flashes, Fatigue, low libido, Insomnia, anxiety, depression, migraines, inability to relax...

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